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GM Oculariste
Specialized ocular prosthetics clinic in Lyon

For over 20 years, Gilberto Martins has specialized in the fitting of ocular prostheses. Because every patient has a specific need, all our prostheses are custom-made in our laboratory.

Based in Lyon, we also operate throughout France, including Saint-Étienne, Roanne, Dijon, Besançon, Grenoble, Valence, Annecy, Chambéry, Paris…

Ocular prosthesis :
When ?

Following an illness or an accident, certain serious traumas can have irreparable consequences:

Surgical intervention for tumors (melanoma, retinoblastoma, carcinoma), very damaged and painful eyes. It involves removing the entire eye and fitting a bio-material ball or implant attached to your oculomotor muscles to give you mobility.

Surgery to modify the existing eye. A bio-material ball is placed inside the sclera. This provides volume and mobility.

When the eye is slightly phthisic or atrophied (small), little/not painful, microphthalmic.

Today, significant advances in ophthalmic surgery mean that eye trauma can be better managed. Ocular prostheses are an ideal aesthetic solution to help patients cope with this trauma.

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The loss of your eye is a psychological trauma, and the creation of your ocular prosthesis will help you rebuild your life. Our commitment is to do our utmost to restore your aesthetic appearance and restore harmony to your face.

Quels sont les types
What types of ocular prostheses are there?

The scleral lens :

The scleral lens or ocular prosthesis known as a “globe covering” is designed to cover a damaged eye with no vision.

It can be performed on an atrophying eye.

Without surgery, this ocular prosthesis on a globe makes it possible to hide this unsightly eye.

In addition to its psychological impact on the patient, the scleral lens allows :

  • Rediscover your eyes while preserving them.
  • Avoid surgery and enjoy maximum mobility.

Indications : Phthisis eye (smaller eye), traumatic and post-transplant corneas, aniridia (total or partial absence of the iris), non-functioning convergent or divergent eye, microphthalmia.

Mobile prostheses on coral implants :

Ocular prostheses for eviscerated or enucleated cavities are made from biocompatible PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) resin.

These prostheses are inserted into the operated cavity between 4 and 6 weeks after surgery.

Particularly thin, they offer real mobility thanks to the implant inserted during surgery.

The irises are hand-painted with natural pigments.

Our work is completely custom-made and handcrafted.

Indications : trauma, infection, retinal detachment, glaucoma, painful eye….

For tumors such as retinoblastoma, melanoma, carcinoma, etc.

Ocular epitheses :

An epithesis is a custom-made external removable maxillofacial prosthesis made of silicone.

Its aim is to replace and reconstruct a missing or damaged part of the cervico-facial region as faithfully as possible.

It includes the eye (carried out by the ocularist Gilberto Martins), the eyelids with the eyelashes and, if necessary, the eyebrow.

It is attached using magnets, glue or a bezel.

We work closely with Christian Bujeaud (Laboratoire d’art médical, 37 cour du Docteur Long 69003, Lyon) for your ocular epithesis needs.

Indications : accident, congenital malformation, burn, tumour resection, disease, mutilating surgery, etc.

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Ocular prosthesis :

Ocular prosthesis can be a life-changing experience for people who have lost an eye due to medical conditions or accidents. It not only provides a realistic aesthetic appearance, but also helps to restore symmetry to the eyes.
With advice, support and personalized prostheses, we strive to make a positive impact on our patients’ lives. We can help you to :

  • Rediscover your look
  • Fill the physical gap while providing a realistic aesthetic appearance
  • Restore symmetry and facial expression
  • Improve your self-confidence and regain a social life

The prosthesis metamorphoses the look and restores confidence that had long been lost.

Need to know more about our consultations and social care?

on children

Il n’est pas simple d’expliquer à un enfant qui vient de subir des traitements et un geste chirurgical lourd, que la suite du programme consiste en la réalisation d’une prothèse oculaire. Gilberto Martins vous garantit une prise en charge à la fois pédagogue et humaine de votre enfant.

Gm Oculariste Prothese De Loeil Lyon Votre Enfant Est Atteint Dun Retinoblastome

Does your child have retinoblastoma?
Join the Rétinostop support community, the French association against retinoblastoma.

Retinostop has also developed a fun approach to supporting children with retinoblastoma.

Discover TINO the cat, symbol of the battle against the impossible.

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Retinoblastoma is a cancer of the retina that affects babies and children under the age of 5. If your surgeon has decided to remove your eye, it is because the tumor is too large. About four weeks after enucleation, if the surgeon agrees, the ocularist will come in. He or she will make a temporary, custom-made prosthetic eye to replace the eye that has been removed. The prosthetic work is done gently and with respect for the child, so as not to traumatize them further. The tests and impressions are simple and painless. They do not require anesthesia or hospitalization.

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Microphthalmia is a malformation in which the eye is smaller than normal. This malformation is rare and can vary in severity from mild to very severe. How can your ocularist correct this difference?

Initially, transparent conformers will be made to expand the cavity and the eyelids. The face will thus develop harmoniously and symmetrically. Once the orbital cavity has reached a satisfactory size, a scleral lens can be fitted in place of the conformer, creating the “first look”.


Anophthalmos is the extreme form of Microphthalmia and is a very rare malformation. It is characterised by the absence of one or both eyes at birth. As with Microphthalmia, rapid treatment by your ocularist should be considered. Extensive expansion work will be carried out to prepare the orbital cavity(ies) for a custom-made ocular prosthesis.

Is your child suffering from retinoblastoma? Join the community supporting Rétinostop, the French association against retinoblastoma. Discover Rétinostop. Rétinostop has also developed a playful approach to help children with retinoblastoma. Discover TINO the cat, symbol of the fight against the impossible.