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From preoperative advice to prosthesis maintenance, we’re always there for you.

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We communicate with our patients with a great deal of kindness and empathy.

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Supporting our patients, both children and adults, and building their confidence is at the heart of our approach.

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In addition to our commitment to the trade, we work with the utmost rigor and attention to detail.

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GM Oculariste
About us

Established in Lyon for 20 years, the GM OCULARISTE laboratory specializes in custom-made ocular prostheses. Gilberto Martins, with the assistance of his wife Maria and Diana, will help you regain the aesthetics of your eyes, and above all your smile.

Our team will be happy to support you in Lyon, as well as in other French cities: Saint-Étienne, Roanne, Dijon, Besançon, Grenoble, Valence, Annecy, Chambéry, Paris…

GM Oculariste
Our care

From design to fitting of your ocular prosthesis, we’re at your side.

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Ocular prosthesis

When and why have an ocular prosthesis? What types of ocular prosthesis are available? Find out everything you need to know.

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Consultation & coverage

Find out how we go from measuring to creating and fitting an ocular prosthesis.

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Find out our best tips for successfully caring for your ocular prosthesis (commonly known as a glass eye): cleaning frequency, precautions to take…

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Customized iris

Artistic, hand-painted iris.

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Pre-operative consultation

Consultation before surgery to answer your questions or give an opinion on the possibility of fitting an ocular prosthesis on a globe.

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Same-day production

In special cases, we can manufacture your prosthesis on the same day.

Gm Oculariste Prothese De Loeil Lyon Appareillage

Fitting on non-functional globe

Surgery is not always necessary. A scleral lens may be considered.

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Children’s specialist

An educational and reassuring approach for children.

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Foreign patients

We carry out your eye prosthesis as quickly as possible, with a 2-day estimate.

GM Oculariste
Our strengths

We are driven by our profession, but also by our desire to offer you a pleasant and worry-free patient experience.

GM Oculariste
Our testimonials

We’re so pleased to be making such a positive impact on our patients’ lives. Read their testimonials.

GM Oculariste Gilberto Martins
GM Oculariste Gilberto Martins
33 avis Google
Doustaly-marthoud monique
Doustaly-marthoud monique
Je conseille vivement ce cabinet. Personne très professionnelle. Tellement d'appréhension avant l'intervention, mais la collaboration de mr Martins avec le Docteur Baggio a changé ma vie. Même si le temps d'adaptation m'a paru long, le résultat valait vraiment un peu de patience. Mr Martins est très à l'écoute, bienveillant et très humain. Merci à vous Mr Martins
Диляна Илиянова
Диляна Илиянова
I am really impressed by Mr.Martin and Mrs.Maria. Both of them are really kind and carrying with their patients. On one side, Mr.Martins is an excellent professional in his job, and on the other, he is very polite, kind and a person with a good heart. He cares about his patients! Mr.Martins has an experience in taking care of babies (even one month old!). My daughter is 3 months old and I am superb thankful that he takes care of her medical condition. To know Mr.Martins and Mrs. maria is a pleasure and I trust them in 100%. He provides professionalism, responsibility, great attitude to details, care and dedication. I highly recommend! Thank you for everything! Best regards, Dilyana Iliyanova
Aida Vlasyan
Aida Vlasyan
Je recommande chaleureusement M.Gilberto Martin autant pour son professionalisme que pour ses grandes qualités humaines. Il a su m’accompagner tout en me redonnant confiance en moi. Grâce à lui, j’ai pu dépasser mon complexe et changer mon regard sur ma difficulté, en étant positive. Merci à lui!
Blyne Georges
Blyne Georges
Exceptionnel Un travail de magicien 🪄🤩 J’ai retrouvé mon regard Monsieur Martins et son assistante sont d’une gentillesse absolue Mon seul regret : ne pas les avoir connus plus tôt Encore milles mercis Au plaisir de vous revoir
anissa rodrigues
anissa rodrigues
Très belles personnes, ils travaillent en couple. Pleins d’attention, de gentillesse et beaucoup d’humanité. Aussi très professionnel, son métier n’a aucun secret pour lui et il nous explique tout très simplement. PARFAIT
Diana Ricci
Diana Ricci
Un seul mot pour résumé "merci" Merci d'avoir su reprendre le travail derrière quelqu'un, d'avoir changé le regard des gens sur la petite, et d'avoir donné de la vie au regard de ma fille. Personne très agréable, a l'écoute autant avec l'enfant que les parents, professionnel et humaine.
Elsabr Jamil
Elsabr Jamil
Top 10sur10
M Mlol
M Mlol
Juste un grand Merci pour tous son travail. Je pourrais écrire une page entière... C'est un magicien

GM Oculariste
Our memberships

GM OCULARISTE is an active member of the French Ocularists’ Union (UDOF). To support our young retinoblastoma patients, we always count on TINO the cat, Retinostop’s mascot.

GM Oculariste
Our before and after

Our mission is not only to transform your look, but also to restore your self-confidence with your ocular prosthesis… Discover our results on non-functioning eyeballs, microphthalmic eyes, anophthalmic eyes and eviscerated cavities.
On enucleated eye following retinoblastoma, melanoma …

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GM Oculariste
Where can you find us?

We invite you to visit our consultation centers in France.
We can manufacture your ocular prosthesis in Lyon within the day.

GM Oculariste
Contact us

Need more information? Would you like to make an appointment with us? Contact us via our contact form or by telephone on 04 78 52 18 52.

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