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GM Oculariste
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Gilberto MARTINS has been one of the French ocularists approved by the French Social Security system since 2000, in accordance with Article L.165-1 of the Code.

With Diana’s assistance, he creates high-quality ocular prostheses that are perfectly adapted to each patient’s needs.

We welcome you to our offices in Lyon, but also near Saint-Étienne, Roanne, Dijon, Besançon, Grenoble, Valence, Annecy, Chambéry and Paris.

N.B. : Our office is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Our consultations :

Appointment to make contact and take impressions of the eye socket or eyeball.

Thanks to the impression, we can determine the eye’s biometric characteristics :

  • The depth of the conjunctiva
  • The contours of the prosthesis
  • The measurements of the valid eye to be reproduced: exact color of the sclera and iris, size of the iris, appearance of the blood vessels, etc.

Based on the impression, we make a countertype (prosthesis of the eye). Its volume and curve should allow an opening of the eyelids similar to the other eye.

Our goal: to offer you the most natural result possible.

The fitting appointment and inspection of the ocular prosthesis :

We test the ocular prosthesis to check its technical and colourimetric aspects.
In this way, we can fit the prosthesis exactly to the patient and correct any imperfections. Once the necessary adjustments have been made, we also assess the colour accuracy and comfort of your prosthesis.
If the prosthesis meets your expectations, we will give it a shiny appearance by polishing it or, if not, rectifying it by touching it up.

Delivery of your ocular prosthesis
We will provide you with all the instructions you need to properly handle and maintain your ocular prosthesis.
We also recommend that you have your prosthesis serviced every 6 to 12 months. This will allow us to :

  • Check the fit of the appliance, clean and polish it.
  • Check the condition of the eye or the cavity behind the prosthesis.

In case of complications (secretions, pain, infections), we will advise you by phone and, if necessary, you will be offered a new appointment.

The cost of renewing an ocular prosthesis is covered every 6 years. That said, it can be brought forward if the prosthesis is off-center, unstable, becomes small or too large.

and prices for your ocular prosthesis :

Steps to follow

You will need to provide us with :

  • Your “carte vitale” or, if you do not have it, an up-to-date certificate of entitlement.
  • Your surgeon’s or ophthalmologist’s prescription, with reference to the ocular prosthesis or scleral lens.

The prosthesis is part of the large equipment

It is 100% reimbursed. Different rates apply depending on the equipment. The amounts are defined by decree (decree 2003-12-07 of 18 December 2003 – J.O.p.2171 – currently applicable).

Our prices:

Prices vary according to the type of equipment. They are set by decree
(decree 2003-12-07 of 18 December 2003 – J.O. p. 2171 – currently applicable).

Temporary ocular prosthesis on template/2520809 363,48 €
Temporary ocular prosthesis with impression/2531894 439,21 €
Final ocular prosthesis with impression/2585460 975,00 €
Ocular prosthesis, renewal with impression/2591583 845,00 €
Ocular prosthesis, renewal with return of the initial countertype/2538229 487,26 €
Ocular prosthesis, renewal with additional impression/2545070 747,15 €
Temporary ocular prosthesis, recovery test, tolerance test/2541450 156,50 €
Custom-made temporary ocular prosthesis/2503780 527,05 €
Final ocular prosthesis with impression/2531807 918,80 €
Overlay ocular prosthesis, renewal with impression/2594044 918,80 €
Ocular prosthesis, renewal without impression, with master revision, model 2540829/2540829 620,95 €
Organic ocular prosthesis, repolishing/2540338 31,50 €